Interested in Membership?

Our Membership Chairman is Jason Duncan. Please email Jason if you are interested in joining our group.

Rotary Club of Charleston Breakfast is a very strong club with a long tradition of extensive community service and fundraising success. Through our work, we also have a lot of fun and look forward to getting to know you through your membership in Rotary.

A qualified candidate for Rotary club membership is an adult of good character and good business, professional, or community reputation. The candidate fits one of the following criteria:

  • Holds or has held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession
  • Serves or has served as a community leader
  • Is a Rotary Foundation alumna

Responsibilities as a member are listed below:

  • You must maintain 60% attendance or better through Club meetings, makeups, or involvement with club service projects.
  • Participation in Club activities.
  • Participation in our major fundraiser, Rotary Wheels, held each May. You are expected to serve on a committee, acquire or donate a minimum of $200 worth of Silent Auction items, and sell or purchase at least two Rotary Wheels tickets. ( $75 each)

Financial Obligations:

  • Initiation Fee $100.  This goes toward your Paul Harris Fellow the first year.
  • Bi-Annual Dues $500.  This includes meals, District and International dues.
  • Paul Harris Sustaining Membership $50 bi-annually.  This is billed with your dues as a separate item.  Our club is a 100% Paul Harris Sustaining club so please pay this each billing period.
  • If you bring a guest, the meal charge is $15.