David Neff – Rotarian of the Year!

At this morning’s meeting David Neff was named Rotarian of the Year for our club.

David is known for not only being indispensable to our club, but for his vast contributions to the community.

David truly practices “Service above Self” and we are so lucky to have him in our group.

dave ls 1


dave ls 2

We posted the following that was found on-line about David back in 2012, and it shows how much he does for others :

David sets a great example – Service above self!

David Neff

2011 Center of Influence Award Winner

Nominated by: Paul Franklin – Franklin Funding

The founders of the SCAIPC determined in the organization’s early days that there were five essential elements required for successful aging in place by older adults. The five elements are livable residences, healthy living, financial and legal resources, supportive relationships and transportation. While each of these core elements is important, the one element that generates the most discussion among older adults is transportation. More to the point, dignified transportation strikes at the heart of maintaining ones independence as one ages. Fear of not being able to go where one needs to go, when one wants to go is pervasive. This concern and the lack of dignified transportation designed specifically for older adults and the visually impaired in the Charleston Trident area led to the founding of the Independent Transportation Network Charleston Trident, a non-profit independent transportation service.

While many individuals and organizations have been instrumental in the founding, development and on-going day-to-day operations of

ITNCharlestonTrident, none have been more crucial to its continued success than Center of Influence Nominee, David Neff. Currently David serves as the ITNCharlestonTrident Chairman of the Board of Directors but he has worn many hats during his many years of voluntary service. He has served as Chair of the Audit Committee, Vice Chair of the Board and a member of the Volunteer Driver, Financial Development and Strategic Planning Committees. As a volunteer driver with over 200 rides completed over four years, David displays a caring attitude and a passion for helping ITN’s senior and visually impaired riders allowing them to remain independent, healthy and socially engaged within the community. David brings to the Board of Directors a very professional approach to governing the organization. With a strong background in administration and management, Dave thinks and acts in a businesslike and highly organized fashion. His steady and thoughtful approach to solving problems has proven to be a valuable asset for the organization. Additionally, David has been very successful in developing and maintaining financial support from a number of community organizations, key to the sustainability of ITNCharlestonTrident


David is a Center of Influence in the community besides his volunteer work at ITN. In his professional life as the Administrator of Ambulatory Care Services at MUSC, David has an important role serving older adults managing and directing selected adult and pediatric outpatient clinic operations including the outpatient teaching clinics at Charleston Memorial Hospital. Additionally, as a member of the Rotary Club of Charleston Breakfast, he has served older adults at the Crisis Ministries Food Kitchen and has been successful soliciting volunteer drivers and financial support for ITN at Rotary Clubs throughout the Charleston area.

In summary, David Neff deserves our admiration, respect and is truly worthy of recognition by the SCAIPC as a Center of Influence particularly in the area of transportation which is critical for older adults as they strive to remain independent and age in place successfully.


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