Friday the 13th

For Friday the 13th, Robert B and Paul S have front desk.

Glenn K, you have H&H.

The back table will rob your wallet, as always.

And our speaker is Bill Stanfield, Metanoia      stanfield .  Click on the link to learn more about this wonderful organization.

I was looking for something historically significant (and good) that occurred on a past June, Friday the 13th, and this is what I found??  It didn’t fall on a Friday that year, but I guess it was good.  On this day in history, June 13, 1920, it became illegal to send children by Parcel Poast.  Yep, and since it was on the internet, you know it must be true…Sending packages via the U.S. Parcel Post Service began on January 1, 1913. Regulations stated that packages could not weigh more than 50 pounds but did not necessarily preclude the sending of children. On February 19, 1914, the parents of four-year-old May Pierstorff mailed her from Grangeville, Idaho to her grandparents in Lewiston, Idaho. Mailing May apparently was cheaper than buying her a train ticket. The little girl wore her 53-cents worth of postal stamps on her jacket as she traveled in the train’s mail compartment. After hearing of examples such as May, on June 13, 1920, the Postmaster General issued a regulation against sending children by mail.

On that note, I’ll hang it up for today.  Except for one more post with some great info on our upcoming annual fundraiser, Wheels!

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