Career Day on Thursday, Molly Spearman to speak on Friday

Don’t forget about Career Day this week.   Location is Sanders Clyde, this Thursday, April 10, 9am until noon.  Anyone from our club who is interested can stop in between those hours, sign in at the front office, and then they will assign Career Day speakers to a room.  Presentations are very informal, 10-15 minutes in length with 5-10 minutes of questions and answers.  If you have any questions, you can call Dave at the numbers I emailed to everyone this morning.

For Friday  morning, Fleetwood and Henry have the front desk.  Health & Happiness is Jimmy Hagood.  We have a proposed new member – Steven Wilk, Marketing, Palmetto Commercial Properties.  Our speaker will be Molly Spearman, candidate for Commissioner of EducationSpearman

See you all Friday morning.  Angie

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