Friday the 13th…

We have already started our Friday the 13th off with a goof, and it won’t even BE Friday the 13th until 4 more days!  Yes, that’s right – we scheduled

Molly Greene Molly-6x6 to handle the front desk AND to be our speaker on her wonderful organization Water Missions International.  Well, we WILL find another person to handle the front desk for her this week, but knowing Molly, we probably don’t really need to – she could sign you in, talk you into 3 tickets, handle the money, get you to donate to Water Missions AND give a great speech – all in under an hour….

So other than our scheduling issues, here is what we have for Friday:

Front Desk Greeters  Jimmy Haygood and Molly Greene

Health & Happiness      Adam Witty

Speaker:  Our very own Molly Greene – Water Missions International


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