Jay Leno?

Happy Friday (almost).  Kenny Johnson and Matt Johnson (now know as Johnson & Johnson) have the front desk.  Whit, you have Health & Happiness.
The back table has Sergeant At Arms,, so if you feel a great desire to get up on Friday and fine people, sit at THAT table…If you just want the normal abuse, sit at our early out back table instead…
Trent is to only be called “Daddy” on Friday – IF he shows up…he might be tired.  Congratulations on his new baby girl, Olivia!
Friday’s Speakers are Jay Leno and Park Dougherty on American Innovations.  Don’t email me on the Jay Leno part – I don’t know anything about our speakers – I just create the bulletin, I don’t plan this stuff!  haha
Enjoy!  Angie

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